News 2007

Micron donates $320K to BYU for microelectronics research --

"Brigham Young University has announced it will receive a $320,000 donation from the Micron Technology Foundation. This donation will help fund microelectronics research and undergraduate training in the Fulton College of Engineering and Technology."

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Light Pipes Detect Vapors --

"Brigham Young University (BYU) and University of California-Santa Cruz (UC-Santa Cruz) researchers have achieved the advance by focusing light through special tubes tiny enough for use on the scarce silicon real estate. "



Silicon chip beams light through a liquid-core waveguide to detect one particle at a time --

"By guiding light through liquid-filled channels smaller than a human hair, researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and Brigham Young University have succeeded in building a silicon chip that can detect tiny particles one at a time. The research, published online this week in the journal Lab on a Chip, could revolutionize the fields of medical and environmental sampling by making analyses sensitive, portable, and fast."

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On-chip atomic spectroscopy --

"Atomic spectroscopy can be performed with integrated optics on a chip for the first time, according to US researchers, who passed a beam of light through a rubidium vapour cell integrated into the chip. Atomic spectroscopy, of course, is a widely used technique with diverse applications, but conventional systems require bulky components. Now, Holger Schmidt, associate professor of electrical engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz and colleagues postdoctoral researcher Wenge Yang, lead author on the paper, postdoctoral researcher Dongliang Yin, and graduate student Bin Wu together with graduate student Don Conkey and associate professor of electrical engineering Aaron Hawkins at Brigham Young University, have developed a compact, fully planar device that facilitates the study of atoms and molecules on a chip-based platform with integrated optics."

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'Light pipes' help BYU engineers use a microchip to detect gas vapors --

"A Brigham Young University professor and his research collaborators have created a portable laboratory the size of a microchip that uses light to detect gases."

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