BYU-created mini tool has massive potential --

"BYU researchers have created a miniaturized, portable version of a tool now capable of analyzing Mars’ atmosphere — and that’s just one of its myriad possible uses."

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BYU engineers and scientists take on global health threat --

"BYU is a major part of a collaborative team which has just kicked off a massive multidisciplinary effort to combat a threat to global health: the rising prevalence of bacteria that can’t be treated by antibiotics.Four BYU professors from three colleges have joined forces on the multi-year, National Institutes of Health-sponsored effort to create a faster diagnostic test for drug-resistant blood infections."

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New on-chip optical sensing technique used to detect multiple flu strains --

"New chip-based optical sensing technologies developed by researchers enable the rapid detection and identification of multiple biomarkers. The research team describes a novel method to perform diagnostic assays for multiple strains of flu virus on a small, dedicated chip."

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BYU Radio Interview involving Labs on Chip --

"A major hurdle in the fight to prevent disease outbreaks like Ebola—or the spread of drug-resistant bacteria—is the time it takes to identify the problem. The results of a blood test can take several days to come back, during which you might be taking an antibiotic that’s not helping because you’ve got bacteria resistant to that drug. In the case of Ebola, often by the time the virus is evident in a blood test, you’ve already got a serious problem on your hands. "

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BYU Chip Camp doubles for year two --

"When you hear 'Chip Camp,' you might think of a weekend getaway fueled by Doritos. But for more than 100 7th and 8th graders, Chip Camp has nothing to do with cheetle (the orange, powdery residue left on your fingers after eating Cheetos). Instead, BYU Chip Camp unites budding and bright-eyed mathematicians, scientists and engineers to discover the possibilities in STEM education."

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KUTV Chip Camp Interview --

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Kinnect Lightsuit and Lightball Collaboration --

"The BYU Kinnect Dance Company, a student outreach performance dance company focused on developing teaching, creative and performance skills in its members, in collaboration with BYU electrical engineers, have choreographed performances using LED lights. Engineering students have created light balls and light suits, which are used and worn by the dancers to create a brilliant spectacle and an engaging performance."

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JQE Celebrates 50th Anniversary at CLEO Conference --

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Antimicrobial Resistance Diagnostics Project Funded by NIH --

"The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, has awarded more than $11 million in first-year funding for nine research projects supporting enhanced diagnostics to rapidly detect antimicrobial-resistant bacteria. The awardee institutions will develop tools to identify certain pathogens that frequently cause infections in health care settings and, specifically, those that are resistant to most antimicrobials."

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Dr. Hawkins Appointed OSA Fellow --

"OSA is pleased to announce the new Fellow Members for 2015. From among 151 candidates, 76 OSA members were elected for their significant contributions to the advancement of optics and photonics, as confirmed by the Board of Directors at its meeting in October 2014."

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